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We have been farming at the Bairnkine since 1997.

Over that time we have made a number of changes on the farm. At the end of 2006 we planted 16000 trees, all native hardwoods. We have also planted trees and bushes around two of the ponds we have on the farm. All the woods are being managed with conservation and timber production in mind.

We are fully organic and now sell organic lambs. We are in a conservation scheme to encourage ground nesting birds and other wildlife on some 130 acres.

A number of the ditches and burns have been fenced off from the livestock to improve the water quality that leads into the Jed Water.

We have erected nest boxes around the farm for tits, robins and other small birds. We have also erected some barn owl boxes and are very excited to have barn owls on the farm.

Walking on the farm you will see buzzards, deer, badger tracks, if not the real thing, and other wildlife. Also, of course lots of sheep!

We have fenced off another 1.8km of watercourses.

Also, we have planted a further 2.2km of mixed hedging and plan on improving the ponds for ducks, birds and local flora and fauna in the near future.

The Tile Family

Matt and Lucy with daughter Rosie.

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